Confessions of a Time Lord

Confessions of a Time Lord

Behold, the nuances of travelling
Destination: Heathrow
Time spent in a metal tube 40,000 ft above the ground: 9 hours
5.30 am international flights have a unique charm to them, at least for me; I’m 99.9% sure that 99.9% of adults won’t agree with me on this though. I’m sure most people don’t appreciate the whole ‘waking-up-at-1-getting-next-to-no-sleep-reaching-the-airport-by-3’ thing. But it holds a sort of magic over me; I suppose it stems from the fact that I have to do literally nothing in the whole process from going to the airport to setting my ass down on my plane seat. I don’t have to drive there, I don’t have to handle documents, and I sure as hell don’t have to stop and buy liquor duty free. Like I said, magical.
We’ve been standing in the immigration queue for quite some time now; everyone’s temper is rising with each passing second. Mine would’ve too , save for the elderly man standing 20 or so people behind us. He looks like Mr. Carl from UP, and he’s constantly singing along to the Lata Mangeshkar and RD Burman duets playing on the PA system; singing with a broad smile on his face.
Having a bad hair day? Hahahahah , your plane ride is gonna make it a thousand times worse. *plane seat smirks smugly*
Jet lagged, sleep deprived, and forever cursing that crying baby in the plane.
Is it just me, or does anyone else get an annoyingly ostentatious pimple on their face A DAY before something really important has to happen. This thing is the size of a planet 🙁
We’re flying back in time, into the past. We left home at 5.30 am , but we reached at 10.00 am after a nine hour flight. People always assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect. But actually from a non linear non subjective viewpoint its more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff. We time lords know better

That’s all for now folks!


Bonjour, Megha Chopra is a 21 year old medical student who is currently making a list of all the things she would do if she had the Elder Wand

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