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“Blogging is an art! To connect with the readers and to have your message conveyed across takes a lot of literary talent!”


AddendumThe Lexicon Blog is titled ‘ADDENDUM’. Addendum stands for an additional piece in adjunct to main script (The Lexicon Magazine). We understand and respect the serendipitous timing of creative work of writers. The best piece of article is produced just then! It is to honor this talent of writing regardless of the topic, perspective and state that Lexicon had launched ‘Addendum’ in February 2014. The blog earns as many as 6,000 readers and over 800 daily views across the globe.


We are celebrating the spirit and talent of all bloggers by launching the first ever ‘Lexicon Bloggers Fest’ that will be running from August 15th 2015 to October 1st 2015.

Who can participate?

  • Medical, para-medical students, young professionals & graduates in any stream related to healthcare such as (but not limited to) MBBS, BDS, MDS, MD, MS, DM, MCh., BPth, MPth, MPH, B Sc., M Sc., Psychology, Sociology, Biomedical Engineering, Biotech Engineering, Genetic Engineering, MBA Healthcare, Nursing etc. from all across the world not exceeding the age limit of 30 years.

How to participate?

  • To be considered, you must have joined as a blogger before 14th August 2015 . To register, email your CV anRulesd a 500 word writing sample to info@lexiconin.com at the earliest.
  • Your blog posts must be at least 350 words in length to be considered.
  • You must, at the minimum, meet the requirements of a blogger as set forth by Lexicon. These will be shared with you before you agree to sign on. The blogging procedure will be shared with you. So even if you’re new to blogging and have never written before, it wouldn’t matter. This could be your first step to being one of country’s finest bloggers.

What kind of posts will be accepted?

Once you’ve registered a Lexicon blogger, entries in following categories will be accepted:


What is the criteria of judgement?

  • A minimum of 5 published blog posts between the duration of Bloggers Fest i.e. August 15-October 2015 is mandatory. The more the blog posts, the higher your chances to win!
  • The writing and formatting quality of the blog post.
  • Audience response (likes, shares, comments) to the blog post and the blogger’s effort to promote his/her post. The more the likes & shares, the higher your chances to win!
  • Relevancy and authenticity of the blog post to current issues (both medical and non-medical).
  • Judges decision will be final and binding.


What are the prizes to be won?

Lexicon is giving away a total of 4 prizes. The three best bloggers will be awarded and recognised by Lexicon as,

First Prize: Rs. 1,000, Second Prize: Rs. 700, Third Prize: Rs. 500 along with a Certificate of Recognition.
The Most Popular blog post(maximum number of likes on the blog post) will entitle the blogger a cash prize of Rs. 500 along with a Certificate of Recognition.


Any queries? Write to us at info@lexiconin.com


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