Blogger of the Month: September 2016

Blogger of the Month: September 2016

Since the blogging stats for this particular month needed few extra days to give a final figure..our Blogging Team have exercised the option of delaying the results for the month “September 2016”


YES! The Month September 2016 is obviously one of the most power-packed month in the Lexiconian history! With the Sunday Re-Cappuchino adding dessert to your plates every week, the month had witnessed a variety of blogs!


Amongst all toughest contenders, we are lucky to be able to pick a winner who likes to be more narrative! Someone who likes to be more stunning in her vocabulary! Someone who have won our hearts with her TWO SMALL LINES !

Yes! Once again, our blogger of the month “September 2016” is

Trisha Sunderajan for her “Two Small Lines


Note: Blogger of the Month Title is given based on how much an author is able to execute her/his skills and win every type of audience. It also considers the narration, content, style, presentation and vocabulary of an author



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