The BIG INDIA house is wherein the contestants i.e. the political parties leaders and the audience i.e. the common man are the whole and sole parts and the boss being our very own and respectful Narendra Modi . You might ask about the host, so be all clear that this show don’t need a host , the show is itself the biggest hits of all time and the hero being Mr.Modi. BIG INDIA is a platform of joy and entertainment to the whole world outside and ‘NOWADAYS’ it’s applauded too. My words will enclose only a brief account of the show ,but this would be enough for my readers to understand the whole scenario.

Talking of the past, once Mr.Manmohan Singh used to be the boss of a very filthy show named ‘BIG CONGRESS:LAST SEASON’. In that show there was no elimination round but the things used to only add up . Corruption ,black money, terrorism, distrust, anti patriotic feelings and the dung of whole nation achieved victory and the best was never crowned, this all presented the negative face of nation to the whole world. Congress made the nation a pot where anyone from any corner of the globe can come and spread the shit out of his ass. All the limits were crossed , so the citizens thought of sponsoring and launching Modi .

Mr.Modi and his team came up with the all new show ,’ THE BIG INDIA:SEASON1′ . This show was the biggest hits of all time and India became the world’s best entertainer. Contestants( the political party leaders) were left with their mouths wide open and all crying for mukti from the big Indian house, but guys we have to pay for our deeds on this land only. In this show , the boss assigns task to both, the audience as well as contestants. Modi bothered the audience to open the bank accounts and burdened the contestants to show there accounts to the whole nation , setting time limits for the errand.

Those who argued were left to bark, those who ignored will now bark and those who did what they were bothered to do will never ever have to bark. You must have got the sole of these lines because I know my readers catch the lines smartly. This enclosed the fact that those who did what they were assigned to do are the winners of this session of the show and the loosers who were all busy with their crap will now flux for their whole life.

Modi aims of zenith , a new twist in the show was added when our boss announced a ban on 500 and 1000 rupees note and ceased them from being a legal tender. This part is phenomenal and the people will now brook ” chain ki saans” after so long .

I strongly hail Modiji for this decision and appeal that each and every Indian citizen , do follow the guidelines correctly and don’t even think in your head of helping the corrupt by giving your bank account number or in any possible way you could ,because this is a great history created and is the biggest revolution towards a corruption and a terrorism free INDIA.  The climax of the show is still awaited.

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