Before The Madcap Starts Laughing

Before The Madcap Starts Laughing

If neonatal period is said to be the time a child is born to twenty-eight days, then I’ve crossed that line. The following idea has been huddled on since the time my eyes have been opened to the world of Psychiatry:

*Everything is not what it seems*


If you ever hold a compass and intend on going North, chances are that you’ll end up being in North-East.
It’s not that the compass is faulty. It’s just that you were ultimately lead on that way.
Similarly, our patients don’t come with the 7/7 checklist of symptoms and signs found in our pocket manuals. You would just not be able to separate out a narcissist from a borderline. And this is only mildly murky.
But I suppose that is what is demanded of us:
To find some sanity in the lunatics, the madcaps, the stigmatised, the ostracised, the weak and the sick.
To try separating the colour purple into several shades of red and blue. To get closer to the Truth.
I guess this is pretty much which a month of Psychiatry Residency has taught me. Despite easing our mind into several aspects like thoughts, moods, insights and judgements, there will be many a moment when we’ll left with that colour purple, stranded in the North-East.
The need to find and hold on to the consummating chaos in a person’s head; before the Madcap Starts Laughing…

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