As I Lay Dying…

As I Lay Dying…

As I lay dying on the bed,
My whole life in front of me flashed.
I remembered the day when it was all rainbows and unicorns for me,
Yeah! A Doctor I was finally going to be.
Unaware of the hardships that lay ahead,
My feet didn’t touch the ground and on cloud 9 was my head.

Finally I was an MD in medicine,
Life without OPDs and wards was hard to imagine.
It was all set and felt like nothing wrong could happen,
But alas! It was too early to make that assumption.

One day some people came and hit me hard,
I was admitted in a bed of my very own ward.
The world seemed pretty different from here,
With all the tubes and wires upon me that adhere.

I lay unconscious soon to be dead,
But this one question was stuck in my head.
What did I do to deserve this?
Was there something that I did miss?
I did my best to save the life of that person
For his death I was not the reason.

Once again I had been misunderstood,
The price this time for me was huge.
All efforts to save me were in vain,
Death finally eased the agonizing pain.

But something I want to say from my grave,
A message that I want you to have.
I am your friend not your foe,
I am by your side in your woe.
I am sympathetic to your plight,
But don’t you think this is not right?!
You have lost your loved one and are in pain,
But by this there is nothing you can gain.

I am just a doctor,
I can only attempt to make this world better.
Mostly I succeed but I can’t be blamed for the rest,
Because every time I give in my best.
But some things are not in my hand,
So it might not always go as planned.

To do this work which I aspire
Your trust is all what I require!!!

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