Alarm Clock Slavery

Alarm Clock Slavery

The morning light has seeped in through the curtains, giving a slight tint to your dull room. You lie there, a little sluggish, in bed… anticipating for the sunshine to cozy you up a bit with its warmth and then… RING RING!!

Your alarm goes off (yes, the one in your phone) shouting out in panic. Now, you could either be well… alarmed, or just annoyed at this daily interruption of what becomes an unfinished slumber.

Gone are the days when we would wake up as per the will of our mind and body. We are woken up by fear of the discipline that so silently controls our thoughts and actions. Wake up or else you’ll be late― for school, college, work, meetings, appointments. Sigh!

We have been so ruthlessly, and helplessly, enslaved by the schedule structured by society. An AM to begin, a PM to end with. Then a PM to begin, an AM to end with.

There is, of course, that odd Sunday or a fortunately long weekend; but that’s hardly the solution. Every time we put our elastic bands of the mind to rest, we just set them in into a state of tension, that propels itself into recoil every time we give in to the shackles of society. What we need is not a state of temporary relaxation (certainly a trip to a hill station, a park, a beach or just a place far far away–minus the hectic sightseeing– would give us immense relief which is, seriously, short-lived.)

Then let’s take a moment to reconsider our lives. Are we just a tiny cogwheel in a set of meaningless clockwork? Do we need others to dictate our lives? And if being part of a society is necessary, is following a routine against our wills an obligation? No. We are humans, not machines. We possess individuality. If integrity is the demand of life, then it can be installed without a complicated array of protocols set upon us. Then the question that arises is, will society continue to function as it is if we were given such a freewill? Well…

That would be another topic of debate by itself. But for now, we must realise that we have given in to routine, and that we are perhaps not living the way we want. It is obvious that we cannot be chaotic and that order is a requisite of a social life, but we must not compromise upon meaning in the bargain. A meaningless life we reside in, if our moments are measured by units in time. Let us then, give ourselves space, and time, in our lives. For we live a life that we have surrendered to an alarm clock.

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