Across the Red Sea

Across the Red Sea

images-8.jpg.jpeg‘Mom, No! I don’t want to go out!’ cried the little one. There was no mom there to pacify her, or even dad to tell her so. Little did she know that her parents were within her, intermingled in her biology; that the one who carried her now was only her foster parent. There was a vast red sea she had to cross to reach her destiny. Later, she would realize that her destiny was immortality.

Wait! Don’t get too eager to read an emotion filled story here. It’s an imaginary story of a deadly enemy. The story of the malarial parasite 😉

The little girl, Spora was pushed into an ocean of danger or she thought so because of the colour. Her foster parent Ms. Pheles (her full name is An O’ Pheles) forced Spora out of her body eager to quench her thirst from the tasty red sea. The little one cried, but was already lost. Before she could breathe in her surroundings, she was carried away by the current. After what felt like ages to her, she was washed ashore an island. Worn out of hunger, she started eating anything and everything in her sight. She grew in size and gave rise to her offspring sacrificing herself. That was when she understood that her destiny was immortality, she continued to live within her offspring. Her daughter, Mera grew up to be a clever girl. Her inquisitiveness made her find a ship named Er’ Ythro, which was abandoned years ago. Mera started to live in Er’ Ythro nibbling on everything left within that ship. There, she met the love of her life, Mr. Micro. They were deeply madly in love with each other. They sensed danger within their surroundings and was trying to elope to save themselves. That was when, Mera’s mother Spora’s foster parent came again to the red sea. They sought her help and went along with her. Mera, who now changed her name to Ms. Macro on Mr. Micro’s request, married him to live happily ever after. That was when they died giving birth to their daughter Zygo and history repeated itself!

Okay, the story may not be that good but it’s nice to imagine. Hope you don’t hate me 🙂


Addicted to words ;-)

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