a Dr in the making…

a Dr in the making…

The Civil hospital,Thane, the most dreaded and excitement filled part of my internship! Heard so many stories from seniors about this place yet I didn’t want to anticipate anything before I pen my own story! The minute I arrived to that place I felt something quite unusual and spooky. Was it the vibe, was it the people, was it my tenure or was it my subconscious? I don’t quite know the reason but yes it was eerie. I was going to be working 24 hours at a stretch, that means I was going to literally live there and getting acquainted to the place was the only way out!

My posting began with a bang, as I was alloted the Labor ward. I dint know what to expect except for the fact that the next few days were going to revolve around heavily pregnant woman, cry of babies and their deliveries. I was filled with excitement and fear as I had never worked so closely in the gynecology department .Right from case taking, to examination, to preparation, to induction of labor, to delivery, to the paper work, to the post-delivery care of mother and baby, we did it all. It was 24/7 duty with no rest as only two interns, me and my friend were posted. So that meant a lot of work, taking rounds in wards, checking vitals and staying up all the time for there used to always be one or a flock of women waiting in labor.

To be honest there were moments of intense burnt out and overload but the staff were quite helpful as they taught us a great deal of hands on training. The gynecologist were quite acquainted with the fact that new interns would come and go, according to their postings,  but the staff was quite welcoming as their workload would get distributed and they would make new friends. Bonding with them over tea breaks and cranky patients was all part of the fun.

The best part of the duty wasn’t the counseling of patients, wasn’t the observation and examination, wasn’t the episiotomy suturing but the moment when the child gave birth after so many pave blocks, sometimes complications  and then the anticipation on the relatives  face when we handed over our accomplishment every time! I will always remember the first time I took episiotomy sutures, and the co-operative patient who beared with me. These are just some very touchy moments that I will cherish forever.  Words are hard to express the feeling we felt each time and the workload felt so fruitful. It aint how much you work but if it gives you contentment ,then job satisfaction is definitely your call.

Being in a place where deaths were happening across different wards, I think I loved my posting in Gynac ward because every day I would be a part of a different family’s celebration! I could feel the immense happiness and positivity here and I wouldn’t mind doing a few more postings here. This would definitely be the most memorable part of my internship.


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