A Beautiful Friendship

A Beautiful Friendship

I remember the day when I first saw you,
Just another normal day; though I was a little blue.
Amidst the sea of students as I walked,
On your face my gaze got locked.
There was something different about your smile,
Couldn’t walk past without staring for a while.
Suddenly you turned and red-handed I was caught,
Cannot even explain how nervous I got.
Somehow I escaped and found my way to the class,
My problems now seemed like smoke disappearing out of the window glass.
I sat wondering who was this guy and from where did he miraculously appear?
My train of thoughts were broken by the voice of Ms. Pier.
She was telling something about a mid-session transfer,
Then she called out Kevin and there you were.
Was I dreaming?
Or was it really happening?
Just trying to figure out; when you waved at me: Hi!!!
I sat frozen; not knowing what to reply.
Somehow the periods went by; and then came the lunch bell,
Finally I was able to catch my breath and get some air.
The second half went uneventful,
Until you came to me after the school.
I was convinced it was destiny,
When you asked for my help in chemistry.
The only subject I was good at;
If it hadn’t been for that, I don’t think our talks would’ve ever started.
That was the start of an amazing relationship,
Yeah! It indeed has been an awesome friendship.
Life’s been such a fun
With all the crazy things together we’ve done. a beautiful friendship 3
From those cat fights, you dragging me apart,
Or us checking out girls for you at the bars.
The late night chats and talks on skype,
Life without you is too hard to imagine.

I got a trustworthy bodyguard who’s totally free,
For your future crushes you got a great lawyer to plea!!!
Stealing your phone and sending messages is the most amusing prank,
But the best part is that we always have each other’s back.
At family functions, like a true savior, you always come to my rescue,
Finding my S.O. is becoming very hard coz of your extensive interviews.

Handling my mood swings might be your plight,
Trust me! Your messiness is no delight.
Though we want to kill each other at times,
But staying apart is too hard, so we always reconcile.

It is said so right,
Love does happen at first sight.
The love of friendship is the best kind,
Though it is very difficult to find.a beautiful friendship 2

No worries to lose,
Nothing ever to prove.
Being there is almost always enough,
Great is the trust when we can share our secret stuff.
They say a friendship will last for life if it has lasted for 7 years,
But what matters is just the moment when you find the one that makes everything feel so clear.

Still today I steal a glance at your smile
On a cloudy day it’s like the ray of sunshine.
I don’t know whether you remember or not
But of our story, that was the start.
Though sometimes it makes me wonder what would’ve happened
If I had called in sick that day and had been absent!

What seemed at that time a devious plan He devised
Turned out actually to be a blessing in disguise.
I know it generally starts with a fight; or him noticing her smile
But at the end what really matters is that we happened; and not the manner or the style!!!


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