12 Things to do in Med School to Overcome Frustration

12 Things to do in Med School to Overcome Frustration

Almost at the verge of graduation, the contemplation of murder or suicide comes to my mind more often than it should. Don’t get me wrong! There’s absolutely nothing else I can imagine I can do rather to be someone involved in doing more good than harm to the human population. But there are times when the process makes me suicidy-homicidy 😛


So friends, today, I’ll share with you some of my outlets of frustration that helped me survive till this day, and hopefully, in the future of my most cherished goal, my career in medicine.


  1. Sleep: well, I know, we don’t get a lot of time to sleep, but there has been days where you get up in the morning and go back to sleep. Nope, not today. It’s okay to miss a day or two if that is going to make you go through the rest of the year with good mental health.
  2. Talk: talking really helps! It seems that if we talk about all our problems to someone, there’s a very good chance that the other person is going to ditch us, and would run with feet faced backwards. Try to optimise how much you talk, and many-a-times, it will happen so that you’ll realize the things you were worried about were simply too trivial.
  3. And listen: once you have let out all your frustrations, you must also listen to the counter-arguments/advices/solutions/help the other person offers. After listening to your blabbering I think the person deserves to be honoured with a patient listening, don’t you think?
  1. Remind yourself: sometimes in the wrath of the toil required to be eligible to care for sick people, we forget why we chose to jump into, what at that time seems a death pool. ‘tis very important to keep reminding yourself at times like that that there was a reason why you are here, and eventually the problem will seem smaller then 🙂
  2. Smile: some people might be dying around you. The last thing they want to see is a grumpy to be doctor. Force a smile sometimes even when you don’t want to and eventually you’ll realize that fake smile has turned into a genuine one.forced-smile
  3. Revisit your favorite department: there has to be a place in the whole med school where you feel at ease. Visit that place. It will not just lighten your mood but will also help you to get the zeal to work with those that don’t seem so bright and happy to you
  4. Work out! At times, it will be useful to run off your anger. And I mean literally RUN! It will help you stay healthy and will release the much needed endorphins that will help you overcome your frustrations.images
  5. Listen to music: everyone has their own set of songs that help them think about the other better things in life than the minimal tiredness. Like work-out, listening to music or watching shows help in release of the drug and hence helps to alleviate the mental pain
  6. Laugh! Laughing helps in better ventilation of the brain. Laughing at the poor jokes may make you seem immature but it seems a very good stress-buster! Sometimes, all you need is a good laugh to help you realize, it’s not so bad after all!dr laughing gas[3]
  7. And cry too… emotional pain doesn’t last for more than a few minutes in the absence of a genuine cause or clinical depression. Any torture after that is self-induced. Crying out loud to yourself or to a very trusted friend can help. But beware! It is a very bad habit forming habit. You should use it only in small doses 😛
  8. Write: for me writing has been an out from reality for a long time. The best part is, after being with my pen and paper, I find myself rejuvenated with the energy to push my potential to new limits. You can too find a passion like it and in no time you’ll see that you’re getting better not only in your passion but also in your passion.
  9. My place’: c’mon! There’s always a ‘my place’ for everyone! I’m not referring to the place where you live. It’s that spot where you can feel most like yourself. Go to your place and close your eyes and take three long deep breaths. It might seem juvenile but you’ll be surprised how greatly it helps!



Well folks! That’s all that I can summarize till now. If there are a thousand sources of stress you’ll figure out thousand sources of release too. Keep working and reminding yourself, this is what I want, because there’s nothing else for me.


Love for Medicine and Writing, Combined.

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