10 things an Indian medical student should do before graduating.

Five and a half years and no excitement? It’s not that I am popular in my medical school but yes people do know me and coincidently a lot juniors have asked me about post graduation classes and books(read: I was in for a rude shock with the questions because i am busy enjoying my internship). The only advice that I managed to dole out was that “whichever phase of life you are in, complete that properly”. I know that many medical students might huff and puff at the statement but guys I do know post graduation is important (that’s a discussion for another day), but why not make the most of the subjects while you are learning it.
So let’s take a breather and hope you might find my list a bit helpful from the stress you have been accumulated. It’s not that you need all of them ticked of your bucket list. This list is only for an Indian medical student as it’s the best I can do, I’m yet to travel the world.Untitled

1. Dissect the whole body on your on
Ya ya i get that some of you have done it but do it with diligence. First years forget about your university exams for a change feel the vein and the muscle as you life depends on it. Plus I’m sure nobody around you wants to do it. So grab the opportunity

2. Go for PULSE.
Pulse is the annual festival of ALL INDIA INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES. Are you searching for a mind and body rejuvenating experience? Believe me this is it. It’s a once in a life time experience to be witnessed by everybody. Interacting with thousands of medical students doing academic and non academic things? Believe me you will come back invigorated.

3. Research
Forget all your icmrs and usmles and resumes for the time being. Do a research. The fitting of a zillion words into some 300 word abstract to convincing your ethics committee of why you deserve to go ahead to everything. This the only tool to get you organized if you are not. Do it for yourself. You will live to tell your tale.

4. Organize your college fest
Who doesn’t want to be an all rounder? Look outside your myopic glasses and there’s more to your medical school than you have assumed. The brochures to the marketing to inviting people to being in a different time zone during the fest. It’s an enthralling experience.

5. Or dance at your college fest
Organizing is not your forte? Dance at your college dance night. You don’t know how to dance? Who cares? It is for your enlightenment and others entertainment. Yes you might me a butt of all jokes for the next week, but what the heck? But it does guarantee a truck load of new friends

6. Be a part of a skit/monoact
I am currently a part of one. These things have to be very funny and very communicative so that people can laugh (at your expense) and get the message conveyed. Common you are a health care professional you have to do such things for yourself and the community

7. Take that vacation
Feeling stressed? Go to your room- call a few friends make a plan pack a bag take some money a camera is a mustbon-voyage. Very simple. Unwind. Everybody takes a vacation so what? I am talking about an impromptu one. That makes even a nearby hill station or resort exciting.

8. Dance in the library.
Library for a medical student is a sanctuary. So what? What’s life without some fun? Don’t you want to tell your grandchildren how crazy your college days were?

9. Learn an instrument.
It’s an essential for a medical and a nonmedical individual. How else will you calm your nerves? You do not want to roll in your grave if you don’t know how to play an instrument.

10. Enjoy your internship
Only phase of your life you are going to get to enjoy. Earlier there was a rush for getting into medical school and post this your are a graduate, the struggles of your life begin.

p.s – the above mentioned points are subject to market risk, please do not be objective while reading it.

Why only 10 points? One for each semester and one for good luck. Can you handle more?
If there is anything more exciting than this please leave a comment below. I’ll be thrilled if there’s anybody m ore exciting.

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